A Year in the Fulbright Life: Josiane’s Story

For the next year, Fulbright MENA will be showcasing a handful of students as they study in the United States with their new series, A Year in the Fulbright Life. Each month, spotlighted students will share an update as they continue on their Fulbright journey.

December 2020

One thing I love to do is chase a sunset at the end of the day. This sunset was a beautiful way to end the year.

January 2021

I never knew that being a part of Fulbright would help me get to know who I was on a deeper level, but this little trip to Georgetown, South Carolina, really hit me. For years, I’ve had extended family members in the United States come to visit, and our ties date back generations. On a trip to visit them last week, we visited the house where my great-great-grandmother lived and the cemetery where her family is buried. It was surreal to know that part of my history lies so far from home, yet so close too.

February 2021

With the snow piling up in the winter in Syracuse, there’s a lot you can do to take advantage of this beautiful landscape! A day of snow tubing and skiing (and falling) was definitely a fun way to get the semester started!

The amazing part of being in the United States is even though it’s one country- there’s a lot to see and experience. During a trip down to Atlanta, I got to visit the infamous Botanical Gardens and have a mesmerizing night looking at the ways this place has safeguarded pieces of nature.

March 2021

I finally got to visit Washington D.C. on a short layover. It was breathtaking to see the cherry blossoms, the history, and how so many different cultural and architectural similarities DC shares with other countries. It all seemed to come together so beautifully to build one place. I get why it’s called a melting pot now!

April 2021

Inspired by National State Park week, I wanted to see if there were any in Syracuse and found a state park nearby. The Green Lakes State Park is an absolute wonder with lots of greenery, clear blue water, and lots of peace and serenity. I spent the day hiking and getting ready for the last lap of the semester!

Josiane is a first-year Fulbright student from Lebanon. She is studying International Relations at Syracuse University.

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