A Year in the Fulbright Life: Nourhan’s Story

For the next year, Fulbright MENA will be showcasing a handful of students as they study in the United States with their new series, A Year in the Fulbright Life. Each month, spotlighted students will share an update as they continue on their Fulbright journey.

August 2022

These are photos from my latest hike in Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas. I have been hiking Texas ever since I arrived, and I have lost count of the parks I have hiked so far. What’s special about this park is that it has real dinosaur fossil tracks — as you can see in the first picture. These are the traces of a two-footed animal called Acrocanthosaurus, a carnivore who’s believed to have a travel speed of five miles per hour. The park also has majestic scenery from its two peaks that can give you an overlook over the whole park and how green it is. It was beautiful up there.

Nourhan is a 2021 Fulbrighter from Egypt. She studies Microbiology at the University of North Texas.

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