A Year in the Fulbright Life: Maryam’s Story

For the New Year’s holiday, I traveled to Colorado where I had the pleasure of meeting two fellow Egyptian Fulbrighters as well as another Egyptian scholar from Arizona State University. This is in addition to lots of other people of different nationalities that I had the chance to meet on my trip. We went on a lot of adventures, including a trip to the Denver Art Museum and going ice tubing, but the highlight of this journey was the Garden of the Gods.

At the Garden of the Gods, one of the other Egyptian Fulbrighters gave me her University of Kansas hat (the University of Kansas and my host university, Kansas State University, are rivals). When I wore it, everyone from my university was like, “Maryam, what are you doing?” To which I replied, “Sorry, fashion comes first.”

Maryam is a first-year Fulbright student from Egypt. She is studying Entrepreneurship at the University of San Fransisco.

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