A Year in the Fulbright Life: Fransisco’s Story

Me at the airport before leaving my home country, Lebanon.

I loved exploring the campus at MSU and downtown Bozeman, and I took some pictures with the international students’ office employees. I have also been attending educational events on and off campus. The most important one was the career fair on campus, where I got to meet some of the world’s best companies (for example Boeing) and share my background and expertise with them.

I was able to attend drag shows in downtown Bozeman and on campus. I really enjoyed this because back home I haven’t had the chance to attend any drag shows. I am on the committee of the drag show that happened on my campus, with the help of the Queer/Straight Alliance Club.

Below is a picture of my trip to Yellowstone with the international students’ office. I made friends with a lot of international students!

Fransisco is a 2022 Fulbrighter from Lebanon. He studies Innovation and Management at Montana State University.

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