A Year in the Fulbright Life: Afnan’s Story

Last month, the University of Michigan Dearborn was honored to host the Fulbright Association Reception! All the Fulbrighters in Michigan and Northern Ohio gathering in one place was very exciting. I was able to meet current Fulbrighters and alumni from different regions and backgrounds. It was a pleasure to connect with other Fulbrighters and share our experiences in the United States.

It was an exciting moment attending the tree lighting event in Detroit, one of the biggest events in Detroit with thousands of people and public figures in attendance. I enjoyed the day with my Brazilian and Argentinian friends.

Another important event in Detroit was the Thanksgiving Parade. This was one of the most intriguing things I’ve seen in the United States so far, but I had a great time!

While the rest of my month was great, the highlight of the month was seeing the Backstreet Boys! Watching them live was a dream come true. I spent my childhood listening to them in my bedroom, and now I got the chance to see them in person! I was so grateful for that moment.

Afnan is a 2022 Fulbrighter from Egypt. She studies Program Evaluation and Assessment at the University of Michigan — Dearborn.

Follow updates from Afnan and other Fulbright students on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Check back here every month for more updates on the blog and Medium Series to see what Afnan does this year!

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