A Year in the Fulbright Life: Abdelaal’s Story

From my spot here at AU, I have everything I need to change the world with great research! They call me a ‘surgeon’ in Plant Nematology class because of my ability to extract the nematodes out of the infected roots, which is an incredibly difficult process. This class is my favorite; I always get the highest score on the mid-term exams!

Every time I walk by the Samford Hall building at Auburn University, I smile and the hard days fade away!

Here in Auburn, the international students receive a lot of attention from the American families who are always nice and very welcoming. This image is from a welcome dinner at the Bradly Northcutt House. I enjoyed this night so much and got to know many people and make friends with them!

My first experience attending the first American Football game of the season at Auburn. It was an unforgettable night with the songs they sang, and the encouragement was spectacular. War Eagle!

Abdelaal is a 2022 Fulbrighter from Egypt. He studies Plant Pathology at Auburn University.

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